Jalen Brunson gives update on ‘injured hand’ after WWE appearance

Jalen Brunson gives update on ‘injured hand’ after WWE appearance

Indiana Pacers star Tyrese Haliburton and New York Knicks dynamo Jalen Brunson took their basketball rivalry from the hardwood to the squared circle. The two NBA standouts added a layer of drama to WWE Smackdown at Madison Square Garden, making it a night to remember for fans of both sports.

Haliburton had been dropping hints about his WWE appearance, and the speculation was confirmed when he strolled into the ring with none other than professional wrestling’s provocateur, Logan Paul. But the surprise factor cranked up a notch when attendees spotted Brunson in the crowd, his presence radiating like an electric undercurrent through the historic venue.

What followed was the kind of face-off that makes WWE the master of melodrama. Brunson and Haliburton locked eyes in a stare-down that could have melted the ice in Madison Square Garden’s hockey rink. The Knicks star, never one to back down, snatched a steel chair and mockingly waved it at his Pacers counterpart, much to the delight of the New York faithful.

On a recent episode of the ‘Roommates Show’ podcast,Brunson recounted the genesis of his WWE cameo. He shared how wrestling icon Triple H convinced him to trade the Windy City for the Big Apple for a night of bodyslams and bravado. While Haliburton is no stranger to the WWE scene, Brunson was a rookie, and his nerves were more jangled than during any Game 7 pressure cooker.

It was more nerve-wracking than playing a game, like a basketball game,”Brunson confessed. “It’s way more nerve-wracking for me to do that, for me, but it was fun, it was worth it.”

Brunson and Haliburton lock eyes in a tense moment

Brunson’s allegiance for the night was with LA Knight, but the scripted drama allowed him to rekindle his basketball feud with Haliburton. Memories of the Pacers knocking the Knicks out in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals still stung, especially since that decisive Game 7 heartbreak happened right there in MSG. Knicks fans, longing for a return to the Conference Finals for the first time since 2000, took every chance to rally behind their guy.

Boos rained down on Haliburton as he entered, but Brunson was met with a hero’s welcome. The chants of “MVP, MVP” echoed through the Garden, an arena that has seen its fair share of legendary moments. With the crowd in his corner and a steel chair in his grip, Brunson’s warning forced Haliburton and Paul to beat a hasty retreat, leaving MSG awash in triumphant roars.

Adding to the intrigue was Brunson’s handling of his left hand, the same hand he injured during that fateful Game 7. Fans were understandably anxious as he used it to climb into the ring and wield the steel chair. But Brunson, ever the showman, took to his X account post-event to calm fans down: “Just lived out a childhood dream, and yes the hand fine lol yall can relax.

Brunson’s hand, still on the mend from surgery, didn’t falter during the wrestling antics. He reiterated his recovery progress on the ‘Roommates Show’ interview, assuring fans and teammates alike, “At this point, there is no pain, no strength, there’s just no pain.”

From the basketball court to the wrestling ring, Jalen Brunson and Tyrese Haliburton proved that their rivalry has no boundaries. Their crossover act was a slam dunk for WWE and NBA fans alike, blending the high-flying action of wrestling with the intense drama of their on-court clashes. And who knows? Maybe next time, we’ll see them settle the score in a steel cage match.

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