LeBron James gets trolled by son Bryce with epic meme reference

LeBron James gets trolled by son Bryce with epic meme reference

With LeBron JamesNBA career nearing its inevitable end, likely within the next 2-3 years, there are a lot more eyes on his two sons. Bronny is already a part of the Los Angeles Lakers and will be playing with his father for the foreseeable future.

Bryce, on the other hand, is just 17 years old and is heading into his senior year of high school. While not as highly recruited as Bronny yet, there’s still time for Bryce to develop and play for a good college basketball program.

LeBron James Roasts Bronny’s New Look

Bryce James recreates LeBron’s “can’t believe this my life” meme

In the meantime, he’s having some fun with his dad, but at LeBron’s expense. Bryce posted a picture on his Instagram stories, recreating the iconic meme from 2018.


LeBron definitely won’t like that one, but it’s objectively funny. No one really knows what prompted Bryce to make the post now, but he might just be bored during the summer.

While Bryce rests before his last year of high school, LeBron recently penned a new extension that gives the Lakers flexibility to sign some better players. Los Angeles only has one or two more cracks at a championship with LeBron.

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