Pat McAfee claps back at Jets coach Robert Saleh over Aaron Rodgers’ minicamp absence

Pat McAfee claps back at Jets coach Robert Saleh over Aaron Rodgers’ minicamp absence

Pat McAfee recently took a jab at New York Jets coach Robert Saleh, who deemed Aaron Rodgers’ absence from the first day of mandatory minicamp as “inexcused.” The spirited exchange began when McAfee played a clip of Saleh mentioning that Rodgers and newly acquired linebacker Haason Reddick’s absences were subject to fines under the NFL collective bargaining agreement.

“Fascinating, in Aaron’s 20th year, he did not miss a single OTA,” McAfee laughed, mocking the idea of Saleh fining Rodgers. Saleh had noted that Rodgers was absent due to an important “event” communicated weeks ago and praised Reddick for his hard work despite not yet visiting the team facility as he negotiates his new contract.

McAfee and his team couldn’t help but chuckle over what event could have led Rodgers to miss mandatory camp. “I just don’t know, I have not talked to any sources close to the situation with the quarterback of the Jets,” McAfee said humorously. He continued, “What’s the life event? Because obviously Saleh heard it and was like, ‘Nah, I don’t think so.'”

McAfee’s reinforcements

The banter escalated when A.J. Hawk, a friend and former teammate of Rodgers, joined the show. “I have no idea where he could be. The opportunities are endless,” Hawk said. “He could be anywhere on the planet right now. We don’t know what that could be … Google ‘cool things happening over the next three days.’ He might be there. I have no clue where he is either.”

Hawk highlighted that Saleh knew about Rodgers’ planned absence before OTAs, leading McAfee to question why Saleh would publicly label it as unexcused. “Saleh’s had some time to think about how he may handle it when he had to speak to the media when he knew Rodgers was not going to be there,” Hawk added.

“He could’ve worded it a little better and said, ‘We have great communication, we’re ready to go.’ How he kind of contrasted Reddick and Aaron’s absence, that’s what made it kind of weird.”

McAfee disclosed that they know Rodgers “very well” and are friends with him, openly acknowledging their bias. The playful yet pointed critique by McAfee and his crew shines a light on the ongoing dynamics and drama within the Jets’ camp, ensuring this story will keep fans talking.

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