War between Taylor Swift and Olivia Dunne? Video with Travis Kelce could be the trigger

War between Taylor Swift and Olivia Dunne? Video with Travis Kelce could be the trigger

Travis Kelce‘s relationship with Taylor Swift continues to intrigue fans, especially after a recent social media post involving Olivia Dunne, who shared a video on TikTok and Instagram to promote Accelerator Active Energy drinks, featuring Kelce. In the clip, Kelce lip-syncs a line from “I Think You Should Leave,” saying, “I feel like you’re just here for the zipline.”

Dunne humorously added the text, “I feel like you’re just here for concert tickets,” and included “#taylorswift” in the caption, sparking reactions from Swift’s dedicated fanbase.

Travis Kelce reveals a sweet secret about Taylor Swift in the kitchen

Swifties were quick to defend the pop star andmany noted that neither Kelce nor Dunne follow Swift on Instagram, fueling further speculation.

This promotional video stemmed from Kelce‘s role as an investor in Accelerator and Dunne’s position as a brand ambassador. On June 6, Kelce praised Dunne during a “Good Morning America” segment, calling her “an awesome person” while discussing the brand.

Jealous partners

Despite the professional context, some fans speculated that both Swift and Dunne‘s boyfriend, MLB pitcher Paul Skenes, might feel jealous.

This speculation arose even though Dunne had recently shown strong support for Skenes. While Dunne doesn’t frequently post about her relationship, she did share a sweet TikTok on May 8, celebrating Skenes’ MLB debut with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The video, captioned, “POV: you both wake up from a nap and find out he’s in the MLB,” featured Dunne dancing with Skenes visible in the background.

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