Tom Brady ‘belittles’ Patrick Mahomes with analysis of today’s quarterbacks

Tom Brady ‘belittles’ Patrick Mahomes with analysis of today’s quarterbacks

Tom Brady has voiced his concerns about the current state of NFL quarterbacks, highlighting a perceived lack of proper development. Drawing from his illustrious 23-year career, which includes seven Super Bowl victories, five Super Bowl MVP awards, and 15 Pro Bowl appearances, Brady has a well-founded perspective on what makes a great quarterback.

Brady believes that modern quarterbacks are not reaching their full potential due to coaching strategies that prioritize control over the game rather than developing the players. He suggests that this approach hinders the growth and independence necessary for quarterbacks to excel.

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Brady’s remarks

Despite the presence of standout quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson in today’s NFL, Brady feels that many teams struggle without having a franchise quarterback at the helm.

“I think the quarterbacking has gone backwards a little bit in the NFL,” Brady told Yahoo! Sports.

“I don’t think it’s improved. I don’t think the teaching’s improved. I think maybe the physical fundamentals might be a little bit improved because there’s better information out there for quarterbacks to study on mechanics.

“But I don’t think quarterbacks really are really field generals right now like they used to be.

“I think now, there’s this try-to-control element from the sideline between the coaches, where they want to have the control.

“And they’re not teaching and developing the players the right tools so that they can go out on the field and make their own decisions that are best suited for the team.

“When I looked at Peyton Manning, he was a guy that I looked up to because he had ultimate control. And I think the game’s regressed in a little bit of that way, based on what’s happened in high school football, college football and then the NFL’s getting a much lesser developed quarterback at this point.”

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