Where Aaron Rodgers is and why he wasn’t with the Jets: An ‘old friend’ could be behind his whereabouts

Where Aaron Rodgers is and why he wasn’t with the Jets: An ‘old friend’ could be behind his whereabouts

There is anger among the New York Jets fanbase right now over the whereabouts of Aaron Rodgers, with the experienced quarterback not showing up for a mandatory camp.

The absence has been unexplained which means that Rodgers could be in line for disciplinary action if a valid excuse is not offered by the player.

Aaron Rodgers calls for team doctor after injury scare at Jets practice – VIDEO

An NFL insider has now suggested that an old friend could be linked to his disappearance, and he may actually have been at an Ayahuasca retreat.

The insider, Albert Breer, stated on The Rich Eisen Show that he believes Rodgers “is somewhere that they could not excuse and maintain credibility with the rest of the locker room, but would be expected, would not be an out-of-left-field thing for him.”

It has already been confirmed by head coach Robert Saleh that the quarterback is going to have to pay 100,000 dollars in fines for missing the mini-camp.

What is ayahuasca?

Aaron Rodgers is known for his love for ayahuasca, a plant-based psychedelic that is usually mixed in the tea.

It was reported by The New York Times that the last time the 40-year-old went on an ayahuasca trip was in March in Costa Rica.

There is no actual confirmation that this is what Rodgers was doing, but a report from ProFootballTalk claimed that another ayahuasca retreat was lined up last week on Wednesday in Peru and then in Colombia.

It is a disappointment for the Jets fans who wanted Rodgers to make a big comeback this season, having missed almost the entirety of last season with a serious injury.

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