Tom Brady will not take any responsibility for Gisele’s split from new boyfriend

Tom Brady will not take any responsibility for Gisele’s split from new boyfriend

Tom Brady has reportedly refused to take responsibility for his ex-wife Gisele Bundchen‘s recent split from her fitness trainer boyfriend, Joaquim Valente.

Many will wonder why Brady should shoulder any blame whatsoever, given the fact Gisele had moved on, but some have insisted that Brady‘s recent Netflix roast put unnecessary additional pressure on Gisele‘s romance.

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Sources close to Brady, 46, stated that he took “no blame” for Bundchen, 43, and Valente’s split. They described attributing the breakup to Brady as a “cop out,” especially after the release of his recent Netflix special.

“Tom feels like he should take no blame for Gisele’s relationship successes or struggles,” an insider told the Daily Mail.

“He is away from it and isn’t trying to sabotage anything.”

The former couple are focused on co-parenting

Brady is reportedly focused on maintaining a healthy co-parenting relationship with Bundchen rather than interfering with her personal life.

“He needs to live his life and co-parent and get to a place with Gisele that is healthy and happy,” the source continued.

“It serves him nothing to try to harm or disrupt any type of relationship she ever has. He doesn’t feel he should be blamed at all.”

The insider emphasized that everyone must handle their relationships as adults, without placing blame on others.

“At the end of the day, everyone is an adult and you’re going to have to deal with relationships, whether they go good or bad by taking it day by day. You can’t blame others for what might not be working, it is a cop-out to put the blame on Tom.”

The source also mentioned that Bundchen was “stressed” long before Brady‘s Netflix special aired last month.

The Vogue model and her 34-year-old Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor boyfriend, Valente, reportedly spent considerable time trying to make their relationship work. However, Valente struggled with the public attention.

Gisele has been stressed for a long time trying to make it work with Joaquim, and as time has gone by, he has struggled with the attention on them,” the insider said.

Valente was affected by the public scrutiny and discussions about his involvement in Bundchen‘s previous marriage to Brady.

“He expected some attention,” the source concluded.

“But people talking about how he ruined a marriage and everything else that was mentioned on the Roast has profoundly affected him.”

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